Alt Knowledges explores alternative values through the work of Amy Suo Wu, Danielle Aubert, and Hardworking Goodlooking. This student-led series of solo-exhibitions presents models for challenging entrenched colonial and capitalist systems through privacy tactics, worker-run presses, and a rethinking of modernist design values.

Turn on the Invisible Layers with Amy Suo Wu, No. 7 with Danielle Aubert, and Unfaithful Kami with Hardworking Goodlooking can be viewed online here during irregular open hours beginning in February 2021.

Upcoming Gallery Hours:
  Friday Feb 5, 3-5pm PST
  Sunday Feb 7, 9-11am PST
  Tuesday Feb 9, 3-5pm PST

Unfaithful Kami
  Kaja Berry
  Ji Yun Kim
  Yixun Li
  Ruiyi Liu
  Janel Mitchell

No. 7
  Jennifer Jang
  Karina Kristensen
  Alia Moussa
  Darian Newman

Turn on the Invisible Layers
  Menaja Ganesh
  Chiao Huang
  Howsem Huang
  Aashi Jhaveri
  Xiaoyi Yang

This event is part of the Creative Citizens in Action initiative at CCA (CCA@CCA), and is funded by an endowment gift to support The Deborah and Kenneth Novack Creative Citizens Series, an annual series of public programs focused on creative activism.

Alt Knowledges was initiated by the California College of the Arts Graphic Design Department, Fall 2020 with support from IF/THEN.